Friday, May 27, 2005
The Shot and Sexual Deprivation

I have been having some seriously irregular bleeding due to the Depo Provera shot I had back in October. I am sure it is not that pleasant to have to read about my womanly troubles but too damned bad, lol.

MJ and I have been discussing some different options of birth control, since this shot thing is just not working out. I am going to find out about this birth control patch thing (I can't do pills, I forget). If anyone has any experience with it I am interested to know what you think of it. We have also discussed the possiblility of MJ going for the dreaded 'snip snip' as He calls it. He is a little reluctant to get it done, since reversal is only successful 40% of the time, and we are still pretty young yet (well I am anyway, he he, just kidding MJ, really, don't get out the paddle...). I am 100% sure that I don't want to have any more children, two is more than enough for me, and we have a boy and a girl so what more could I ask for? But MJ is worried that we might change our minds down the road. I am more worried that I will get pregnant in the mean time and I am just not sure that I could handle another child, mentally or emotionally.

I was supposed to go to the doctor today to see about the patch and to ask about vasectomy procedures and to see if he could give me something to stop this stupid bleeding. It is hard for me to schedule a doctors appointment because I have to try and get someone to watch the kids and my aunt is the only person nearby that I will leave my kids with. Plus my family doctor is a 30 minute drive away, but I really like going to him and I don't want to try to find a new doctor. Anyway, I had an appointment today and just my luck there is a blizzard outside and I can't even see the gas station at the end of the block. So I had to cancel my appointment and my aunt isn't sure that she will have time to watch the munchkins before the end of the month. AAAARRRRRGGGG!

I know that there are a lot of people who are not bothered by having sex during their period, but we are not those people. I just can't get in a sexy mood (very often anyway) when I feel all gross down there. I know it is natural and it happens to all women and blah blah blah... it is a thing with me, it is just not a turn on. And MJ doesn't necessarily want to fuck when He knows most of His midsection is going to be covered in blood after, yuck. I don't blame Him. So our sex life is almost comatose, and that is depressing for me. We were just getting back in the swing of things after baby girl was born. My sex drive crawled into a hole and hibernated through the pregnancy so we were finally starting to get back to our norm of once a day or 4 times a week at least, and then I got this stupid shot and the bleeding started and it seems like it only stopped for like 2 weeks in November. Needless to say I have been cranky (Depo can also contribute to that) since I have been sex deprived and play deprived.