Friday, May 27, 2005
That's Hot!

Last night MJ and I snuggled up in bed. It was nice to have Him home after sleeping apart from Him for two nights, while He was at His parents house. He was spooning me, our naked bodies pressed tight together. He rubbed His cock against my ass, and then slipped it into my pussy, which seems to be in a constant state of wet and ready recently. I moaned and arched my back, tipping my pelvis so it was easier for Him to fuck me. He was thrusting into me, it felt so good after a couple of days of no sex.

While He was fucking me I whispered that He could hold onto the back of my neck with His free hand. I am kind of touchy when it comes to my neck, and I wanted Him to know that it was ok by me. He grasped the back of my neck with one hand and then suddenly His other hand was over my mouth. My eyes rolled back in my head and I whimpered as I sunk instantly into sub space. It was incredible (thanks Bliatz, guess He took the hint when I showed Him that bit from your blog). He was fucking me harder and I was totally lost in subspace. And then I couldn't breath, MJ had clamped my nose shut with His thumb and one finger, while still holding His hand over my mouth. He let go after just a second, but it gave me a terrific rush. He kept doing that ever so often, never holding it longer than a split second, just long enough that I would be aware of it.

I don't even really remember Him cumming, but He did. All I could do was just lay there like a puddle of goo. He held me close and I felt so good, it was incredible. I slept like a rock, and I woke up this morning to a repeat performance! I am so glad that MJ is home now, I miss Him a lot when He is away, plus I have sexual withdrawal, lol.

Note: I know that breath play is a very touchy topic amongst the kinky folks. I want to say now that at no time was I in any danger of suffocation. I was not restrained, and I would have been able to escape easily if I had felt afraid. I trust my Husband completely, I never felt worried or scared, and He is very careful to pay attention to my signals and body language. I don't encourage serious breath play where the sub is at risk of loosing consciousness or suffocating to death. Breath play is very dangerous, please play safe.